First of all, thanks for buying my drum clinic app.............!


This is the page that we will update with additional content, pdfs and news. Furthermore, we will keep you updated on future releases of new apps, Android versions and other activities.


Feel free to ask me questions related to the DRUM CLINIC HD APP and don't hesitate to give feedback on the app.


Some people allready requested more readable/printable pdfs concerning the exercises in the drum clinic hd app, I am currently writing them and we will upload them to this site. I will make sure that the essence of every exercise can be read and if you are wondering why we didn't include them in the app itself, printing from an iPad is not perfect yet so we think this is a better option!


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I am very thankful for and humbled by the current App Store reviews!!!

And we try to respond to criticism as well.....:


Musthave for all drummers! - ★★★★★
by sonor sq2 - Version 1.0 - Mar 28, 2012
Top app!

Amazing app - ★★★★★
by drumhansie - Version 1.0 - Mar 28, 2012
This is the best drum app ever! Great value for your money. If you don't like drumbooks, Try this!!

Wow - ★★★★★
by Kees van es - Version 1.0 - Mar 4, 2012
Prachtig gemaakte App,deze App legt de lat een stuk hoger voor de drummers App's. mijn complimenten voor de makers, echter ook een puntje van kritiek, voor beginners gaat hij wel erg snel, sla het eerst in een schilpad tempo en ga dan los(wel mooi om te zien trouwens) tevens vind ik laat ook even een notenbalk zien met wat je slaat of zorg voor een downloadbare pdf met alle oefeningen en ja ik ben bereid om daar ook wat voor te betalen. Dit zou het doel het leren van drummen ten goede komen. Dus ik hoop dat er met de eerste update wat aan deze punten gedaan word, dan heb je de beste en mooiste drumapp ever in je handen. Mvg kees

Great! - ★★★★★
by Ronald69 - Version 1.0 - Feb 29, 2012
Amazing app! Suitable for everyone who seriously wants to make great music on the drums.

Hans Eijkenaar's drum clinic app is the best - ★★★★★
by - Version 1.0 - Feb 26, 2012
True ambition to do everything on the highest imaginable level proofs to be meaningful for others too. This app by Hans Eijkenaar shows that in a drummers context.

Drumporn - ★★★★★
by Pjotrovski tamtam - Version 1.0 - Feb 23, 2012

Geinig hoor! - ★★★★
by Krijnvot - Version 1.0 - Feb 23, 2012
Gaat soms wel erg snel voor een niet-gevorderde als ik ben.

Groundbreaking! - ★★★★★
by Berkdrums - Version 1.0 - Feb 23, 2012
This is a truly groundbreaking app. Breathtaking beautifully filmed, with a great sound. Lessons are inspiring, clear and taught by one of Netherlands' leading drumgreats. Awesome to have your private drumminglessons just in your pocket...!

Superb! - ★★★★★
by drumdude007 - Version 1.0 - Feb 23, 2012
Really great drum(clinic)app! HD video and super sound, and great drummer!

Great!! - ★★★★★
by Erikb4 - Version 1.0 - Feb 22, 2012
No doubt best drum app in the store..!

World-class drumclinic! - ★★★★★
by stijndeschu - Version 1.0 - Feb 26, 2012
Wow, this app really goes beyond what I expected! It's full of great performances and a very inspiring and challenging teaching method. A world-class drumclinic, by a word-class drummer for only 8,99 --> The way to go!

App - ★★★★★
by Stone 3D - Version 1.0 - Mar 9, 2012
Fucking nice app! :) nice overview off a very usefull system!